New Mahoning One Room School House

Mahoning Township adopted the Pennsylvania Public School Law in 1840.  The first public school building in New Mahoning was known as the "Arner" School, and was across the street from the current schoolhouse.  The building in this 1910 picture was New Mahoning District#4, one of 10 districts in Mahoning Township in the year 1884.  It was built in 1902 after Thomas Beltz deeded land to Mahoning School District.  It was the one room for the education of area students until modern multiple classroom schools took over.  At an auction February 26th, 1956 the Mahoning Valley Volunteer Fire Co No 1 purchased the land and the schoolhouse from auctioneer Curtis Houser.  It served many capacities for carnivals, fundraisers, as well as storage.  In April 1962, New Mahoning Boy Scout Troop 106 obtained permission to use the schoolhouse as it's headquarters.  It remained a place for the troop to make its mark in history until the troop dissolved in the 1990's.  The fire company used the building again for storage, mainly for aluminum cans that the community would drop off and the fire company would recycle for raising funds.

Our Heritage Lives On

In 2009 the door to the schoolhouse was opened to find that the floor had fallen nearly nine inches.  Standing water in the basement had rotted the main supports causing failure.  The fire company was faced with a difficult decision in difficult financial times.  With limited funds available, discussion ensued including the possibility of tearing it down without help from the community to save it, and a group to use it.  The following supporters assisted the schoolhouse project with donations of time and/or materials.  The fate of the schoolhouse was in jeopardy, however because of a lot of hard work by these individuals it will now remain a reminder of the importance of our past, and be put back into use by both the fire company and Boy Scout Troop 145.  Please support them as much as they have supported us.




            Mike Kulick, K & M Builders                                                             Rickey Frey
            Andy and Kathy Pisulak and the staff of Palmerton Lumber                  Bryan Pollock
            The Getz Family, Forest Inn Masonry                                               Rich Bolagash

            Marilyn Frey Family, in memory of Howard Frey                                  Dylan Smith

            W.M. Miller Painting Co.                                                                 Dayle Smith

            Brian Andrews, Dunn Rite Electrical Systems                                      Briar Stern

            Glenn Miller Family                                                                        Craig Ziegenfus

            Chris Nothstein & Boy Scout Troop 145                                            Mark Ebbert

            Mark Hayman, Hayman Water Systems                                             Dave Pollock

            Rick Jones, Jones Sanitation 

            Carbon Builders Association

            and all who donated to the Marian Smith Memorial Fund as well as the Miriam Kistler Memorial Fund.

“It was over a half of century since the one room schools in Mahoning Township have closed and it is heartbreaking to know that so many generations to come will have no clue as to what a one room school with eight grades was like.  Attending classes in a one room schoolhouse with eight grades is an experience that someone who has never done can never fully understand.  The friendships and relationships developed during the years of 1931-1939 in which I attended the New Mahoning School are in a special class of their own.  If only some of the schools could have been preserved!  It is an era past that can never be repeated but will live on in my mind and heart forever!”


~Marian M. Smith


Marian wrote a history of the New Mahoning area including this schoolhouse prior to her passing May 20, 2009.  This statement was included in that history.  Upon her passing funds were donated to the schoolhouse restoration fund as she requested prior to her passing.  These funds enabled the Mahoning Valley Vol. Fire Co. No. 1 to start the restoration project.  While the floor is now structurally sound, there is still a whole lot of work that needs to be completed including repair of the slate roof, relocation of the main entry door with stair and ramp access, painting inside and outside, electrical and heating updates. 


Donations or inquiries can be made to:

Schoolhouse Restoration
c/o Mahoning Valley Fire Co
2358 Mahoning Drive West
Lehighton, PA 18235





The Mahoning Valley Vol. Fire Co. No. 1 is proud to be able to preserve our heritage while honoring those who helped us build a great community in which we live.  This project will further enhance our community with the addition of Boy Scout Troop 145 who will make their home in the schoolhouse.  Please join us in welcoming them, and want our residents to know that there is a new opportunity for scouting now in Mahoning Valley.


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